October O'Keeffe!

Good Evening!

Welcome October ! We had a great week. We finished up some mobiles in our K-3 class. If your kids brought home unbalanced mobiles have them come back and I will spend some time with them after class from 2-3p.m. helping to adjust them. I only get about 50 minutes with them to do these cute projects and I really want them to be just right. So if they are unbalanced and you need more beads, wire, or string I will gladly bring these things along with me to help finish them off right!

Here are a few snap shots of the mobiles that we made and a few Calder-inpsired kinetic stabiles. The kinetic stabile, a 4-6th grade project, was loads of fun and challenging! We made paper oragami to make the base of the stabile sculpture and then attached the balancing wire and organic-shape decorations. The kids had fun cutting and stacking pieces and then attaching them to the wire. I think this was thought-provoking for them because it really made them think about abstract sculpture as a form of art instead of traditional art forms such as drawing and painting. I must admit, I am now inspired to make a large mobile at home with my family and I encouraged the students to do so as well. I have lesson plans for them if anyone is interested in doing a family project at home and I am willing to share.

This week we will switch artists! Georgia O’Keeffe is an American artist born in WI in 1887. She was 98-years-old when she passed and she was a painter during the American Modernist Movement. In her earlier years she was a student at the School of Art in Chicago IL. Like Alexander Calder, she was a member of the Art Students League of New York. She was particularly drawn to flowers, landscapes, and bones and like her colleuges was challenged in a sense that she did not want to replicate her subject matter as a copy or exact redition. She wanted to create her own personal style and her approach was to paint extreme close-ups of flowers such as her famous Red-Canna watercolor painting. So this week our students will learn about her background as an artist. We will go over some art vocabulary terms such as abstract, line, shape, and color such as analogous, primary, secondary and complimentary. The medium for K-3rd grade will be oil pastel and watercolor and our 4-6th graders will work with chalk pastels, which will be messy. Send them in something other than white or be prepared to grab a smock! Our older group will explore landscapes and use chalk pastels to creat a southwestern style adobe landscape.

These lessons will take approximately two 50 minute periods and I am really excited to see the differences in the childrens’ art. Stay tuned!!!!

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