Welcome Spring Semester!

Well it was a great holiday and a great first semester. I learned a lot with the kids and I am sure the kids took away some valuable art lessons. Our last master artist lesson was on Paul Cezanne. We put together some really stunning projects from both classes. Our lesson included a bit of history on Paul Cezanne and why he was an important artist. Our younger students learned about form and color value and we did a short lesson on how to draw fruit. Then we painted the fruit that we sketched! Our important vocabulary word was FORM which is basically the three demensional version of a shape. You can see in the painting above that the pears appear to look like they have demension or length, depth, or width. They look real as opposed to a flat shape drawn on paper.

Our K-3 students were taugh how to create FORM on a simple painted shape by adding layers of color ontop of the primary and secondary colors we used to paint the apples and pears. We talked about how light casts highlights on top of the fruit in relationship to where the sun or light source is shining and how shadows are cast beneath the fruit where the sun or light source is not. The project was simple and beautiful, very rewarding. Not only did we learn about still lifes, FORM, perspective and light, we also used our artist tools such as scissors and brushes, glue and pencils to sketch our forms. What a great lesson and here are the results.....

Our 4th-6th graders learned similar lessons and they actually got to sit in front of a still life of pears and apples and apply their painter skills. We learned how to draw the forms that we were looking at. We learned about perspective in a sense of where the fruit is positioned on the table. Our apples were sitting in front of our pears and I taught them how to look at an object in relation to how it is positioned on the table and to draw it. This was great to see them think about space and shape. Here are the results of their efforts.

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