President's Day-Portraits of Honest Abe

Thank you for being so patient with me while I recovered from the stomach flu and thank you for coming out to make art with me on President's Day!

We read this really cool story called Abe Lincoln's Dream by Lane Smith. The author beautifully tells a story about the ghost of Abe Lincoln who wanders around The Executive Mansion, or commonly known as The White House, and historical parts of the United States with a young girl named Quincy, asking her questions about how the fragile state of the Union ended up since his untimely death in 1865. We covered a little history on President Lincoln and we pointed out how interesting the illustrations were and how the story was colorful but Abe was always black and white. We asked questions like why are there so many different types of font or lettering, and don't you think the illustrations resemble our dollar bills? It almost looks like a printed dollar with pops of dollar bill green trees.

I loved the linear pattern in the background that reminds me of our dollar and the executive font that is very appropriate for this story. I also LOOOOOVED how the author incorporated cherry blossom trees into this story as they are important to our Capital's history! People from all over come to Washington D.C. in the Spring to see the pink and white Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. These trees were gifted to us by the people of Tokyo Japan in 1912.

I asked that the kiddos to do a guided drawing of Abe Lincoln in black and white print and then I asked that they decorate their own backgrounds in honor of our 16th President. Here is what we came up with!

Thanks again for sharing this day with me and learning so much.


Miss Theresa

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