Katsushika Hokusai-One Of His 30 Names:)

It's true! Katsushika Hokusai had 30 names and he lived in 100 different places. He was quite the traveler, but he was originally from Edo (also known as the great city of Tokyo). No one knew why he did these things, but I must say, it adds to his unique-ness! Hokusai was a woodblock print artist back in the early 1800's. During this period, there were not ways to make prints of art like we saw with Andy Warhol, but there was wood and handmade carving tools.

He was a poor artist and like other great artists, Hokusai started from a young age drawing and painting everything he could. He would starve himself to save up enough money to buy artist supplies. His drive and ability as an artist of his time were unparralleled. His obession with Mt. Fuji was what created his artistic fame and an uptick in international travel. His series of 36 Views of Mt. Fuji and The Great Wave off Kanagawa were his most important pieces.

So in honor of Hokusai, our kiddos learned a new mountain, NOT in Alaska, but Japan's Mt. Fuji or Mishimi! We learned that The Great Wave off Kanagawa not only has a beautiful wave in the FOREGROUND, but also Mt. Fuji in the BACKGROUND. There are those artist vocabulary words we keep hearing this semester. Here is our view of Mt. Fuji behind that "Great Wave". They certainly are GREAT!

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