Lois Elhert- Fact Sheet

Did you know that Lois Elhert wrote and illustrated MANY children's books? Here are a few that I remember reading to my kids and that maybe you read to yours!

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

2. Snowballs

3. Pie in the Sky

4. Leaf Man

5. Oodles of Animals

6. Fish Eyes

7. Chicka Chicka 1 2 3

8. Planting a Rainbow

Lois was a paper collage artist and book author! Paper art is by far one of my favorite art mediums. At some point in my life, I will make a large paper collage of an ocean wave. The texture of painted paper and the different ways to layer is what makes it so interesting and it is great for little kids to experience all the manyn different ways to make art. Like Henri Matisse, Elhert painted with scissors. She would literally sit at her desk all day long collaging new stories.

I read two of her stories to the kids during class. K-1 listened to the story Snowballs, which was all about the journey of a snowman being built, decorated and melted. The kids collaged their own snowmen and decorated them using painted paper and google eyes.

In this lesson we also learned that you can paper collage by using household scraps like old movie tickets, yarn, cardboard, glitter, stamps, google eyes, and buttons. It was fun to talk about all the ideas the kids had for creating their own books. The 2-3 grade students listened to the story Pie in the Sky and recreated their own bird story page and finally, the 4-8th grade student were given artistic freedom to create a story page of whatever sparked their interest. I was soooooo amazed at how invested they were in their stories.

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